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Frequently Asked Questions

What Marketing Do I need?

Each business needs a customized strategy designed for them. What you need varies depending on your business and your target market. We need to market where they are online.

How much does marketing cost?

Since we develop a marketing strategy just for you, the investment in your marketing varies depending on your budget and your business needs.

How Do I know my marketing is bringing me a ROI?

Getting a return on your investment is very important to you. That’s why we share the numbers with you. Each quarter, we will sit down with you and review the numbers, explaining where your dollars are spent and how that brings you leads.

What does branding do for my business?

Developing your business brand is crucial to your marketing. You want to be easily recognizable. Without having to explain, you want your company colors, logo, and your virtual voice to let your customers and your prospects know who you are and what you stand for. Once people recognize your brand, they will remember they want to do business with you.

How does consulting work?

We offer consulting services in addition to doing the marketing for you. If you want to keep your marketing in-house but need some guidance, we do consulting to teach you what you need to know. When you are ready, you can take over at any time!

How often should I update my website?

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. As such, it should be updated every 3 years. This might seem too much, but consider your competition…does their website make yours look outdated? Is THEIR website attracting YOUR customers? Enough said.

Why do i need to market on social media?

This is simple math. Studies show that the US has over 302 million social media users. That’s more than 91% of people in the US alone are on one social media platform. Don’t you want a piece of that?

Should I keep my marketing in-house or is an agency better?

There are pros and cons either way. This is a decision best made by you. However, we have seen that in-house marketers who have other job duties aren’t the best choice. What typically happens is the other tasks are deemed more urgent, so marketing gets pushed aside. This is neither effective marketing, and it frustrates your staff.

What are marketing trends and should I get on board with them?

Marketing is an ever-changing industry. It becomes outdated quickly if you don’t keep up with the trends. This is another good reason to hire a marketing agency – your in-house staff (unless you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated marketing department) will struggle to keep up with all the changes that happen daily.

What do I do if my marketing isn't working out?

There are times when you might not want to continue with your marketing. If this is the case, for whatever reason, we simply ask you to give us 1 month’s notice (we work ahead a month) then we can amicably part ways.


Relevance – Performance – Appearance – Speed. These are important factors when looking at your website’s ranking and the bounce rate you will get if your website isn’t up to par. 

Request a complimentary analysis of your marketing. We will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly about your marketing. We can sit down with you and chat about your next steps. 

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